Accelerating your Italian learning process is easy

 Languages are not hard to learn once you understand that there is a fast-track formula and a reasonable number of words you need to memorize to start becoming fluent in a language. Tim Ferris here explains briefly how any thought can be conveyed with the structure of 12 sentences. This means that one has to develop a bank 12 word-order formulas to start building coherent intelligible sentences. 

On the other side, we must have content to fill in the blocks and deliver accurate ideas. Daily basic conversations do not require more than 2500 words. In other words, 2500 words is the magic number for Fluency. Memorization is the only thing required. Most people do not make the decision to condense their learning of a language and this can be frustrating.

In Sempre Italiano we use this principle of structure sentence and memorization as the base for our coaching. we provide you concise lessons that help you develop the essential building blocks you need to start using a language. Therefore, we invite you to join our program and get your Italian weekly dose through Ascoltando Inc.

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