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It's tax season: Do it right! Do it on time!

Tax season is here and once again, you're probably trying to make sure that every penny counts in your favor. In this article, you will find some material to help you achieve that by filing your charitable contributions carefully. Your donations clearly have done positive work through entities that make an effort to contribute to society. Therefore...
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Italians did this backwards and it worked perfectly!

 Italy is a country that in spirit was alive since Rome was founded by Romulus back in the 8th century before Christ. After that, the Italian peninsula was a melting pot of cultures that due to innumerable circumstances, ended up dividing the territory and its people. September 20t 1870 is the date when Italy unified itself and the last t...
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Accelerating your Italian learning process is easy

 Languages are not hard to learn once you understand that there is a fast-track formula and a reasonable number of words you need to memorize to start becoming fluent in a language. Tim Ferris here explains briefly how any thought can be conveyed with the structure of 12 sentences. This means that one has to develop a bank 12 word-order formul...
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Buon Anno a tutti!

The Ascoitando Team wishes you a wonderful new year! 2016 was fun and productive and we are looking to get an even more amazing 2017. We are keeping our events and beneficiaries in Moscow, ID and Tucson, AZ and we are looking to expand the events towards more cultural experiences. In the works, we have a few amazing events such as Giro in Bici, Art...
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Sometimes, some things are very hard to say: because they are too complex... or we don't have the words... or we speak different languages... or because we are too far away to get the message across... "The basics for all communications should begin with ILY in the heart of the listener." If you start with this simple concept in your heart, then no...
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Veterans Day - Hearing Loss

In the United States, hearing loss is the most common injury to veterans since 9/11. Troops often return from deployment with diminished hearing, ringing in their ears, or both. It makes sense when you consider causes like roadside bombs, gunfire, and loud engines. Today, more than 400,000 veterans of the Afghan and Iraqi wars suffer from this...
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Tap Takeover - August 17, 2016

Every two weeks , Tapped - Taphouse & Kitchen opens their bar to feature a new brewery and help a non-profit. Wednesday August 17th was our turn to be a part of this amazing gathering at one of the most amazing restaurants in downtown Moscow, ID. Hale's Ales brought a great deal of prices and  The beers served: Supergoose IPA Pale American...
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