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How to avoid those three common mistakes in Italian

Learning Italian (or any other language for that matter) is a journey that requires patience and good habits. As an iIalian  coach, there's a fine line that we need to walk with our students: We want to correct mistakes efficiently and fast without making the student lose interest in learning the language. This means that sometimes we hav...
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What is the fastest way to learn Italian?

Many Italian students get discouraged learning the language because they have not understood the method that can make them have results fast. The truth is that languages have structures. Once you can understand the structures, you can make sentences. The problem is that many people do not know the basic language structures in their mother tongue. F...
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How Audiologists can be so important?

The branch of medicine dealing with hearing and balance-related disorders is called Audiology. This branch has a set of specialization fields that are focused in assisting the patients at different moments. Employing various testing strategies (for example: hearing-tests, otoacoustic emission measurements, videonystagmography, and electrophysiologi...
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Buon Anno a tutti!

The Ascoitando Team wishes you a wonderful new year! 2016 was fun and productive and we are looking to get an even more amazing 2017. We are keeping our events and beneficiaries in Moscow, ID and Tucson, AZ and we are looking to expand the events towards more cultural experiences. In the works, we have a few amazing events such as Giro in Bici, Art...
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Sometimes, some things are very hard to say: because they are too complex... or we don't have the words... or we speak different languages... or because we are too far away to get the message across... "The basics for all communications should begin with ILY in the heart of the listener." If you start with this simple concept in your heart, then no...
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