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How to avoid those three common mistakes in Italian

Learning Italian (or any other language for that matter) is a journey that requires patience and good habits. As an iIalian  coach, there's a fine line that we need to walk with our students: We want to correct mistakes efficiently and fast without making the student lose interest in learning the language. This means that sometimes we hav...
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It's tax season: Do it right! Do it on time!

Tax season is here and once again, you're probably trying to make sure that every penny counts in your favor. In this article, you will find some material to help you achieve that by filing your charitable contributions carefully. Your donations clearly have done positive work through entities that make an effort to contribute to society. Therefore...
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Sudden Hearing Loss: Acting quickly is important

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss is diagnosed when a loss greater than 30dB in three contiguous frequencies. The loss happens over a period of less than three days and it is typically disregarded as a head cold. The problem is that the 72 hours is more than enough to cause permanent damage. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) may be noticed ...
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Accelerating your Italian learning process is easy

 Languages are not hard to learn once you understand that there is a fast-track formula and a reasonable number of words you need to memorize to start becoming fluent in a language. Tim Ferris here explains briefly how any thought can be conveyed with the structure of 12 sentences. This means that one has to develop a bank 12 word-order formul...
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Restoring cochlear hair cells: regeneration, technology and health

The inner ear holds about 16.000 "hair" cells that in simple are responsible to transform waves (sound) into a coded electric signal for our brain to interpret sound. Those "hair" cells are quite fragile and we must take care of them.  "There's so many ways that these hair cells can be damaged from loud noises, and it really doesn't take a lon...
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Veterans Day - Hearing Loss

In the United States, hearing loss is the most common injury to veterans since 9/11. Troops often return from deployment with diminished hearing, ringing in their ears, or both. It makes sense when you consider causes like roadside bombs, gunfire, and loud engines. Today, more than 400,000 veterans of the Afghan and Iraqi wars suffer from this...
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Tips and Tricks for Teachers

This video has a few tips that are very positive on how we as educators should communicate with children that do have to deal with mild hearing loss. Mild hearing loss means that the child can hear but the amount of sound lost is enough to have a drastic negative impact in the child's understanding of words and phrases. Mild hearing loss can make t...
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Where are we in Hearing Aid Tech?

Gerald R Popelka is a PhD, Professor, and Chief of Audiology, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center. This video is quite informative about the current technologies and the relevant statistics of hearing loss and how to approach them. Popelka summarizes the devices and provides important information that can...
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