What is the fastest way to learn Italian?

Many Italian students get discouraged learning the language because they have not understood the method that can make them have results fast. The truth is that languages have structures. Once you can understand the structures, you can make sentences. The problem is that many people do not know the basic language structures in their mother tongue. For this reason, learning a second language is very beneficial. 

Italian is a very fluent language and it has a very predictable behavior. This makes the language an excellent way to learn structures. Of course, we are not suggesting a stiff method that dissects the language and kills the fluent aspects of it. On the contrary, we want you to help you build the blocks so you can make progress fast and gain fluidity faster. This is a Three Step Process

Step One

Look at those two sentences: IO SONO IL PROFESSORE vs IO HO UNA MACCHINA. The two sentences have the same structure but they mean very different things. Both of them have a Subject, a Verb, and an Object. However, things within each structure can be expanded to a very large scale and still the structure can stay the same. For example IO, CHE PARLO L'ITALIANO MOLTO BENE, SONO UNO DEI MIGLIORI PROFESSORI NEGI STATI UNITIThe sentence has the same structure but both the subject and the object were expanded. Therefore, it is important to comprehend the grammatical structures of a language before attempting to use it. This work might seem tedious but it will prepare everything for step two to accelerate and unfold very quickly.

Step Two

If you were to understand how many words you need in your vocab to be considered a fluent speaker you will be surprised. This number goes across the board for every language and if you have figured this out, you will be able to unlock your Italian very fast. The magic number is 2,500 words. To put this number into perspective, if you memorize 10 words per day, you should be considered a fluent speaker within nine months. However what you need is step three to make sense of this.

Step Three

Because of step one, now you know that languages are like playing with legos and because of step two you know know that you need 2500 pieces to build anything you want. Step three is practice. You want to work with simple, fun, and effective projects that will give you the most immediate results. For example, right now I AM WRITING AN ARTICLE. This should be a quite simple project: IO STO SCRIVENDO UN ARTICOLO. You have to realize that your language learning process can (and must) run parallel to everything you do.

Our Approach

We have designed lessons that will help you learn italian fast. We want you to use all the tools in the market. If you want to try a sample call, CLICK HERE!

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