Ascoltando is here to listen to the causes that matter to you. Our goal is to address needs in our local community, and 100% of the contributions are going to these campaigns. If you would like us to take action in raising funds for your need, please complete this form.

Our criteria to select our beneficiaries must include one of the following and always prioritize the top ones:

  • Hard-Of-Hearing, Deaf or Hearing Impaired
  • General Disability with an interest in the arts
  • General Disability with an interest in the languages
  • Economic necessity to develop an artistic talent
  • Artistic Talent that has a better growing potential if a contribution is made.
  • General Necessity to continue the education of a language

Donate Now

Your support is kindly appreciated. Establishing our organization was fast and simple but it did require some investment. We take pride of the efficiency of our operation but to do this, we do need to cover certain costs. This donation will go straight to cover the initial investment of Ascoltando.

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