Why Ascoltando?

In Italian, Ascoltando means "Listening".  We are here to honor our name.  If you want to take action now, use the following buttons for a Fast and Simple decision.  Thank you for your support!

Andrea Melchiorre[Volunteer]Moscow, ID2015
Luigi Boschetti[Volunteer]Moscow, ID2015
Itria Ibba[Volunteer]Pullman, WA2016
Itria Ibba[Volunteer]Pullman, WA2015
Caleb Courtney[T-Shirt]Moscow, ID2016
Tiana Black[T-Shirt]Wanatchee, WA2016
Ted Curret[Donation]Moscow, ID2016
TJay Clevenger[T-Shirt]Moscow, ID2016
Susan White[Donation]Seattle, WA2016
Stephanie MarazzoT ShirtChico, CA2016
Rebecca AshbachT Shirt, Donor, VolunteerMoscow, ID2016
Luciano Marazzo[T-Shirt,Donation,Volunteer]Moscow, ID2016
Lisa and Patrick Keller[Donation]Los Gatos, CA2016
Linda Frazier[T-Shirt]Moscow, ID2016
Lael Mark[T-Shirt]Tucson, AZ2016
Brad Littlejohn[T-Shirt,Donation]Moscow, ID2016
Bethany Howell[T-Shirt,Donation]Moscow, ID2016
Anthony Sotelo[T-Shirt]Tucson, AZ2016
Daniel & Annisa Westcott[T-Shirt]Tucson, AZ2016
Aki Black[T-Shirt]Moscow, ID2016
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