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Ascoltando Healing Arts Charity is an Italian based non-profit organization, whose main objective is to help people in need through music and culture. The team is managed by a group of musicians and artists who are passionate about helping people, especially those with special needs. Looking back, we all find ourselves grateful to the people who came up with this idea and thought of putting it into action.

The organization makes entertains the needy and also raises its funds through hosting several occasions such as dinner parties, tournaments and bike rides. They also encourage other members based elsewhere to do the same, which helps in ensuring some amount has been collected to help their beneficiaries. People from other places can have permission to host such activities just by contacting the management of Ascoltando Hearing Loss Foundation. This is easily done through following the procedure provided by their website.

During dinner and other eating parties hosted by Ascoltando Hearing Loss Foundation, some of the most popular Italian sauce is served with the authentic Italian meals.

Our Events feature Local Musicians performing at World Class Standards. During those events, you will have the possibility of interacting with a specialist who will be able to provide information on how we can help those in need. We highlight Italian Culture in its entirety ranging from the music and the arts to the fabulous cuisine and incredible literature. The proceeds of each event are to be kept in the community where it was organized. This means that you will be able to see and experience the power of your contribution.

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Your support is kindly appreciated. Establishing our organization was fast and simple but it did require some investment. We take pride of the efficiency of our operation but to do this, we do need to cover certain costs. This donation will go straight to cover the initial investment of Ascoltando.

Our Signature Events

Note Magiche "Note Magiche" in Italian means Magical Notes. This is the cornerstone event that is designed to deliver awareness of our cause and our operation. Join us for Note Magiche in your city to make an impact in the community where you live. For three hours, you will immerse yourself in an Italian themed dinner abundant in Music, Food, Art and More. When you attend Note Magiche, you will be receiving information about how Ascoltando Inc is making a difference in your own community…

  • Giro in Bici

    Giro in Bici Raising awareness on bicycles is a common theme for non profits. This one, being a Non-Profit with an Italian tint, we could not avoid the temptation of…

  • Musica al Vivo

    Live Music Ascoltando Inc. was founded by musicians because hearing loss touched us very much. Therefore, we utilize our art to raise funds and open opportunities to those who are…

  • Sempre Italiano

    "Si" Sempre Italiano is a program developed to teach the Italian language and culture. In this program, you will find the possibility of learning Italian for your everyday life use.…

  • Store

    Store Our operation is sustained and supported by nationwide sales of our Merchandising. This is crucial to our operation because with our events we aim to have a 80-90% efficiency.…

  • Arte in Moto

    Arte in Moto Italy is well know for their movies.

Our Event Calendar

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