Ascoltando is expanding its operation to numerous states. We currently are active in Idaho and Arizona. Stating 2017, we will be developing the California chapter and for the end of that same year, we want to start planting the seeds in the states of Oregon and Washingington.

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Your support is kindly appreciated. Establishing our organization was fast and simple but it did require some investment. We take pride of the efficiency of our operation but to do this, we do need to cover certain costs. This donation will go straight to cover the initial investment of Ascoltando.

Moscow, ID This small town in the North West is the heart of our organization. The environment of people of this amazing city made it possible for Ascoltando to flourish. The most important part was the engagement and excitement of the Italian community. Event though the team members are not declared officials of the organization, they still behave as they were. Andrea Melchiorre and Luigi Boschetti were the master chefs of our inaugural event at…

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