Scholarship/Prize Request

This is an Ambassadors Program to financially support a working artist.
Sempre Italiano is the Ascoltando inc. Italian Webinar Series. Use this form to submit the application for a monetary prize for you as an Artist, Musician, Business or Organization. The main requirement is that something you do is somehow related to the Italian culture. You should receive a response within two days. If you are approved to be a prize recipient, you will be assigned a unique URL to track your visitors and a discount code for your visitors to test the lessons for a month with a nice discounted rate. We will update your fund monthly and send you an update on the accumulation gained.

  • Class enrollment is Tax deductible for your visitors
  • You get to learn Italian for free
  • A Scholarship is built for you to help spread the Italain Culture

The following fields will help us develop promotional material to make social media promotion and email marketing and tell your story. We aim for quality to show the best of you or your organization. Therefore we strongly encourage you to add as much material as you can so we can build up your presence.

This means that we will use the material you provide here to make images and videos featuring you as a Sempre Italiano Scholarship Beneficiary.